A Properly Stocked Carry-on Makes the Skies More Friendly

24 Mar

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Ever since airline deregulation – and now even more so with all of the security precautions – airplanes are no longer the leisurely playgrounds of the idle rich. In fact, they’re generally packed like sardine cans with travelers of all kinds and from all walks of life, from harried businessmen to vacationing moms with screaming babies, large sweaty people, irritated people, and people who don’t bathe frequently. It’s enough to put you off of air travel for good!

You can make your trip a little more pleasant by stocking your carry-on with little comforts that will help you survive the over-crowding, jostling and noise. Whether you check your luggage or stuff everything you need into an overhead-bin-sized suitcase, make sure you bring along a carry-on for under your seat with these items.

A Soft, Comfortable Throw

Face it, airlines are getting stingy with the blankets so bring your own; the softer, the better. It will keep you warm and cozy when they crank up the AC, and you can always fold it up and use it as a pillow.

Your Favorite Snacks

These days, airlines are charging for the yucky food you never ate anyway, so bring your own. Flying often leads to constipation, as well, so bringing some high fiber cereal bars is not a bad idea.

Travel Sized Toner and Moisturizer

Don’t just pack makeup to freshen up at the end of the flight; bring along a toner and a moisturizer too. The toner will take off dirt and makeup and freshen up your skin, and the moisturizer will combat the dry cabin air. You might also want a travel toothbrush and toothpaste to freshen your breath for that welcome kiss.

Reading Material

Lose yourself in a good book on a flight and before you know it, you’ll be at your destination. You can even save room by bringing along an eBook instead, which will make it easier to read when the lighting is dim.

Laptop or Other Electronic Gadgets

Instead of paying for the in-flight movie, which you’ve probably seen, bring along one of your own on a laptop or iPad. Make sure to bring your ear buds as well. You can also play video games and catch up on work or emails; save your replies in draft form until you get an Internet connection.

An Inflatable Pillow and a Soothing Eye Mask

Don’t hurt your neck doing the head-bob for hours on end; bring along one of those inflatable donut pillows and ride in comfort. Slip on a fragrant, lavender scented eye mask, put in your ear buds and play your favorite tunes on your MP3, and you can shut out all the noisy passengers, screaming babies and nosey neighbors, and just zone out until you reach your destination!

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