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5 May

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Sometimes you just need to get away with the girls, let your hair down, and blow off some steam. But where do you go? There are tons of places made for girls getaways, whether you want to be just a short train ride away, or you want to traverse the globe. Here are the best places for getaways, with the biggest attractions to draw a group of girlfriends.

Montreal, Canada

If you want the glamor and metropolitan feel of Europe, without actually having to go overseas, Montreal is the perfect destination. Here you’ll find cobblestone streets reminiscent of those in Alsace, France; and the unique architecture is enough on its own to keep you sightseeing for days. Shopping becomes an experience in Montreal, with everything from quaint shops to the biggest names in designer boutiques. There’s even an entire underground mall here that takes up nearly half the city! With all of this, not to mention the world-renowned nightlife, Montreal always makes for a great girlfriend getaway!
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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Looking to tap into your creative side? If your idea of a perfect afternoon is strolling through art galleries while you sip on cappuccino in the afternoon and wine in the evening, Santa Fe is the destination for you. Gallery after gallery can be found among the Railyard Art District and Canyon Road areas. Once you’ve had enough of observing art, you can try your own hand at it by signing up for jewelry-making classes, glassblowing, painting, pottery, photography, and more.
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Sedona, Arizona

Maybe it’s not nightlife, shopping or theater that you’re looking for in your girlfriend getaway. Maybe it’s time to really get in touch with your inner self, work through issues, or just receive spiritual wisdom. In Sedona, you can do all of this just by visiting the land. While other cities may boast five-star spiritual retreats, all you have to do in Sedona is be open and visit the land. Native Americans are here to guide you along in your journey, and when you walk away from Sedona, you will walk away a changed woman.
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Tuscany, Italy

Want to go a little bit farther on your girlfriend getaway? Then Tuscany, Italy is calling. Tuscany has everything you could ever want – great wine, great food, great history, and great culture – all set against some of the most beautiful scenery you’ve seen in your life. Tuscany has tons of small villages and countryside filled with incredible architecture. There’s tons to do in Tuscany, but if you’re looking for even more, Florence isn’t far away, where you can find even more culture and history.
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Las Vegas, Nevada

When you want to blow off steam, and really blow off steam, there’s no better place to do it than in Las Vegas. Spend an evening at the casino (or at eight of them,) take in a show such as Cirque de Soleil, or catch your favorite musical acts. In addition to that, Las Vegas has some very fine dining, with just about every celebrity chef having a restaurant located there. Designer boutiques can also be found here, so there are always plenty of opportunities to shop in between all the other many things to do in Vegas.
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New York City, New York

Want to do some shopping and take in a show and absorb some history and stand in awe at great architecture? Then New York, New York is the only place to be! New York City is filled to the brim with things to do, and you can do most of them at any time of the day or night. Play it up really touristy if you want, visiting the Statue of Liberty, go to the Empire State Building, and walk around Times Square. Or, check out the sites that aren’t so crowded such as Queens Botanical Garden, Nuyorican Poets Café, Little India, Chelsea Galleries, and the “other” Chinatown – otherwise known as Flushing, Queens.
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When you’ve got your best girls with you and an entire weekend with nothing to do, you’ll always be guaranteed to have fun. But when you want to take it past just doing coffee or lunch, and make it something that you’ll all always remember, choose one of these great vacations and make an unforgettable weekend getaway out of it.

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