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15 May

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Sometimes it can feel as though you’re the only two people in the world. But when you’re ready to pack your things and head out to a place where you really will be, you need a couples retreat. Whether you want a place that’s totally secluded or one that lets you blend in with the crowd, rest, relaxation, and romance is all you’ll get with these locales. So you’ll get the retreat you both need.

Paris, France

What’s the most romantic city in the world? Paris! So of course this tops the list when it comes to couple’s retreats. With so many attractions, five-star dining, interesting architecture, and history at every turn, there’s something here for everyone. Winter can be an especially romantic time in Paris, while the summers allow for dawdling on sidewalk patios and watching the world go by. If romance is your top priority while on vacation, Paris is the way to go.
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Maui, Hawaii

Maui is known as being the most romantic of all the Hawaiian islands and once there, you’ll understand why. With no real metropolitan area to speak of, but lots of little towns with their own unique shops, food, and Aloha spirit, nearly every beach is secluded, especially if you venture away from any resort areas. If the tropical sun, gorgeous beaches, and tons of lounging and lazing around sounds like the perfect retreat for the two of you, Maui is your next destination.
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Venice, Italy

If a boat tour down the Grand Canal in Venice doesn’t speak of romance, what does? Venice is another one of those areas in which the very name goes hand in hand with romance, but there’s tons of other stuff to do here too than just gaze into each other’s eyes. The Piazza San Marco is a must when visiting Venice, as is the Bridge of Sighs. If you want to feel like king and queen for the day, visit either Saint Mark’s Basilica or Doge’s Palace – or both. Of course being in Italy, you’ll also find some of the best cuisine on the planet in this city, from the pizza to the pasta to the espresso.
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Napa Valley

Lush rolling hills, abundantly colorful flower gardens, and row after row of vineyards used to make some of the best wine in the country. You’ll get all of these things and more when you visit Napa Valley, and a fairly secluded feel too. Stay right in one of the wineries, or venture further into surrounding towns, such as Yountville. Here you’ll find celebrity chef Michael Chiarello’s restaurant, along with a ton of charm and unique character.
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When total seclusion is what you’re after and you just want, and maybe with the odd show thrown in here and there, Bali is your destination. There are few direct flights to Bali anywhere in the world, meaning that you will most likely need to take two to three plane rides just to get there – which gives you an idea of just how far away it is from everything. Huge buildings and metropolitan life simply isn’t needed here, as the island speaks for itself. With history at every turn, and panoramic views that are more beautiful than the one before it, Bali is certainly a retreat. If you do want a bit of entertainment during your stay, you can visit some of Bali’s main attractions including doing the kecak dance in Ulu Watu, snorkeling in Menjangan Island, or taking a road trip to Lake Bratan.
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Bora Bora

Bora Bora has long since been one of the top destinations for weddings and honeymoons for a reason. This small island has all the tropical climate, sandy stretches of beaches, and fun in the sun that you could ask for; but there’s a lot to do in Bora Bora too. The Bora Bora Photo Lagoon trip is a must for anyone who wants to capture just how beautiful the island is; while Mount Otemanu seems to spring majestically the surface of the water. You’ll find much more than just coral at the Coral Gardens, but tons of tropical fish too; and to see even more aquatic creatures you can hop over to the Leopard Rays Trench. Bora Bora has tons to see and do, and Matira Beach is perfect for just chilling out when you think you’ve seen it all!
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Anywhere in the world is the perfect place if you’re with the one you love, right? But to make sure that your couple’s retreat will not only be perfect, but far exceed your expectations, choose any one of the most popular retreats above.

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